Welcome to my HomePage!


    Hello, my name is Russ Prince.  I'm a graduate from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a degree in Computer Science.  I recently moved to New Jersey to work as a Computer Consultant doing web development, and programming.  My biggest passions are computers and video games.  On my site you can find a lot of information about me including my most recent project (pictured above), the arcade cabinet I built.  Thanks for visiting my website.

Recent Changes...

Sunday January 11, 2004
   Added a section in the menu for my rpViewer JavaScript image viewer.

Sunday December 28, 2003
   Updated my Pictures pages to now pop up a window to make viewing much easier.

Sunday November 23, 2003
   Added some pictures to the Pictures page for Karen's Birthday Party and Thanksgiving Diner.

Wednesday May 21, 2003
   Added custom joystick restrictor plate info in the Control Panel section of my Game Cabinet site.

Sunday March 30, 2003
   Added MiniMame to my Game Cabinet site.

Saturday March 29, 2003
   Added a few new sections to my Game Cabinet site including my newer control panel interface,
   a spinner control, new mouse interface, and thumb trigger buttons.

Sunday February 16, 2003
   Added a Daphne section to my Game Cabinet site.

Saturday June 1, 2002
   Added a Bezel section to my Game Cabinet site.

Saturday May 25, 2002
   Added Marquee images to my Game Cabinet site.

Wednesday January 2, 2002
   Added a diagram to the interface section on my Game Cabinet site.

Wednesday December 26, 2001
   Added a new GameBoy Advance section.

Sunday November 18, 2001
   Finally updated my pictures section.

Saturday July 15, 2000
   Finished my rpCounter online utility.  If you need a counter for your site you may
   use my counter free of charge.  Just go to the online form I created and create one
   for your own page.

Tuesday July 4, 2000
   Added the Control Circuit Switch I built to my Cabinet site.

Wednesday June 28, 2000
   Added a speaker section to my Cabinet site.

Tuesday June 27, 2000
   Added my Cabinet site to the Cabinet web ring, and also installed counters for my
   main page and the cabinet page.

Monday June 26, 2000
   Completed the Game Cabinet page.  It now has my journal entries from the month
   of May when I was constructing the cabinet.

Sunday June 25, 2000
   Redesigned my Homepage.  It needed a facelift, not that it's great now, but it's at least a little better.
   Finished most of the
Game Cabinet page.  Added a bunch of images and wrote a lot of the content.
   Added a
Pictures link to the menu, and added some pictures from my trip to Six Flags with a few friends.